27 November 2019

1945: How did Churchill lose the General Election?

Winston Churchill successfully managed Britain during World War 2 and defeated Hitler's war machine.

So why did the British people appear to reject him during the General Election, just a few weeks after the end of the war in Europe?

02 November 2019

The Volunteer by Jack Fairweather

This book tells the remarkable story of Witold Pilecki.

He established a resistance network inside Auschwitz and tried to let the world know what was going on inside.

Instead of becoming a national hero at the end of World War 2, he was executed for treason.

18 October 2019

Regimental War Diaries

Regimental War Diaries can provide more detail on the regiments strength, movements and activities during WW2.

They were written at the time, so provide a first hand account, and make fascinating reading.

29 September 2019

Royal Artillery Museum: DRAMA Reports

The Royal Artillery DRAMA Reports can provide useful information for anyone researching RA Regiments activity during WW2.

While not providing as much detail as a Regimental War Diary, this report may give a good overview of locations and engagements.

02 September 2019

A Woman Of No Importance by Sonia Purnell

Virginia Hall was one of the most amazing people of the 20th century.

The fact that she was an American woman with a wooden leg made her exploits all the more astonishing.

24 July 2019

How do Boris & Winston compare?

I cant help but compare Boris Johnson with the late Winston Churchill.

The unexpected rise in Johnson's fortunes over the last 18 months have made this comparison irresistible.

20 July 2019

Churchill - walking with destiny

Yet another book about Churchill, and one which I have enjoyed from the first page to the last.

This book by Andrew Roberts attempts to cover the whole period of his life.