WW2 Key Dates

Key World War 2 dates

By 1938 the prospect of another world war was looking increasingly likely. So much so, that my mother’s mother moved the family out of London, as she could not bear the prospect of being caught up in the London air-raids.
  • 17th Jul 1937 Japan occupies the Chinese capital of Peking
  • 1st Sept 1939 Germany invade Poland
  • 3rd Sept 1939 Neville Chamberlain declares war on Germany
  • 10th Sept 1939 Chamberlain’s War Cabinet prepare for a 3 year war
  • 8th Jan 1940 rationing of some meats begins, followed by other food & fuel
  • 10th May 1940 Chamberlain resigns, Churchill becomes Prime Minister
  • 26th May 1940 Operation Dynamo commenced (evacuation of Dunkirk)
  • 7th Dec 1941 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor
  • 11th Dec 1941 Germany declares war on USA (US join the war in Europe)
  • 8th Nov 1942 Operation Torch landings commence
  • 6th Jun 1944 Operation Overlord (the D-Day landings in France)
  • 8th May 1945 Winston Churchill announces the end of the war with Germany
  • 15th Jul 1945 Britain accepts $4.94b loan from US & Canada
  • 26th Jul 1945 Labour Party win general election (Churchill’s Tory party defeated)
  • 6th Aug 1945 USA drops atomic bomb over Hiroshima
  • 8th Aug 1945 Soviet Union declares war on Japan
  • 9th Aug 1945 USA drops atomic bomb over Nagasaki
  • 15th Aug 1945 Japan surrenders
  • 4th Jul 1954 Food rationing came to an end
  • 31st Dec 1960 end of National Service “call-up”. (all young healthy men from 17 – 21 had been required to join the armed services for a period 18 months).
  • 29th Dec 2006 Britain make last repayment on North American loan