Friendships that last a lifetime

Fast-forward 40 years

I don’t have a date for this photo taken at a Regimental reunion, but its probably mid to late 1980s.

The Eagle & Gun Regimental Association Reunion

Dad is seated, 3rd from left. Bert Scott (our Benfleet neighbour for 30 years) is 3rd from right.

The guy to the right of dad is George Coe, and must be the young sergeant with dad in this 1944 photo below;

Sgt Alec Davis & Sgt George Coe of the 59th Regiment RA HAA (1944)

50+ years on!

The Eagle & Gun Regimental Association members (1994)
Remembrance Sunday Service 1994
Jim "Skid" Harris, Alec Davis, Bill Gallafent, Harry Willis, Jim Webb & George Coe

These were friendships that lasted a life time!

The Battery 164 Address Book

After the war, an address book was produced and distributed containing all the names and addresses for surviving members of 164 Battery.

Address Book: 164 Battery, 59th Regiment ex-servicemen WW2

The description inside this address book;

164/59th Regiment Address Book: Foreward