Alec Stanley Davis & World War 2


It was a surprise for me to discover that my dad played a small part in one of the most important operations of the Second World War: Operation Torch

While not fighting on the front line, dad followed in the foot steps of those brave men, and provided valuable heavy anti-aircraft (HAA) support, initially defending the important supply port for the 1st Army in French North Africa, and then sweeping up through Italy.

Gunner A.S.Davis Royal Artillery
My dad ready for Jerry!

Most of the written notes, reports and first hand accounts made by Dad and his comrades refer to the good times. It would have been of greater value to me if they had also described some of the suffering, dreadful injuries, and loss of life that they witnessed while engaged in this terrible campaign.

However, in my search for information, I have found reports from other sources (particularly the Imperial War Museum and the BBC WW2 People's War archive) which indicate that this was more than just a jolly adventure.

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